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Bay Area residents, who are in decades long Employment Green card backlog, will be demonstrating their support for the Bipartisan, congressional bill S.386/HR.1044 “The Fairness for Highly Skilled Immigrants Act” and to protest against Senator Rick Scott’s stance on the bill.


These foot marches will also take place across America on the same day – on Saturday, 19th September.


Meeting Location: Central Park, Fremont, CA

(next to Lake Elizabeth parking lot (Sailway Dr, Fremont, CA)

March Destination: Veterans memorial park (Walnut Ave, Fremont, CA)

Meeting time: September 19, 2020 – 3.30 PM

March starts: 04.00 PM


Here is the Real Issue

Highly skilled immigrants enter the country to fill the void under the high skilled visa program. Some of these people are probably here as students pursuing higher education in USA. After graduation based on the qualification and need some these graduates are hired under a High skilled visa program called H1B visa. While working on H1B for many years (in most cases 6 years), if the local replacement is not found the company finally files for the green cards and that is when the pain begins. 


There is no country-cap on high-skilled immigration visa applications, however, there is a 7% country-cap on Employment based Green cards numbers, which has an annual quota of 140,000 (only 8% of the Total 1 Million Green cards issued in a given year)


The current immigration system has created a huge backlog making the qualified people denied and made to wait indefinitely for their green cards just because of their country of birth. Every other country’s citizens get their green cards within months from filing and they continue to become US citizens following that. There are nearly one million, legal, taxpaying and high skilled immigrants who are currently stuck in the GC backlog and who have to wait for decades just to get their already approved green cards applications.


Under the current immigration system people who have spent only months in this country are made US citizens. However, people who have lived in the US legally for a decade or more, followed every rule and law of the land, called and made this country their home, paid their dues, contributed to the social security and Medicare, contributing to the local communities in one way or other are denied and kept waiting for their green card indefinitely, for over 100 years, just because of their country of birth. 


Another problem with this system is – LEGAL DREAMERS.

There is another category of Dreamers (other than DACA) – LEGAL Dreamers, who came to the US with their Parents, who are on an employment visa. Because of this huge green card backlog, these legal dreamers, who are currently on their parents’ Greencard application, are forced to self deport if they don’t receive their green cards before they turn 21. There are about 120,000 children in the US who may have to self-deport under the current immigration rules. 


There is a Bipartisan Bill, S386, which removes country caps from the Employment based green cards and if passed, would give green cards to highly skilled immigrants on a first come first serve basis. Sister bill H.R.1044 was passed in the house with an overwhelming majority (365-65) and S.386 in the Senate already has 35 co-sponsors. However, there is just one Senator who is blocking the bill to kill it – Senator Rick Scott. He is trying to kill the bill by blocking the unanimous consent voting while this bill has a strong clause included to ensure and protect American workers and to prevent H1B visa abuse.


There have been many marches all across the US to denounce his block on the bill. We would really appreciate it if you cover this “March for Equality” an apolitical event to create awareness among Bay Area, California residents. We would like you to invite you to come and meet some of these hard-working people, their families and kids who are directly affected.


Please find below some media coverage, from recent similar events from FL & MI.


Fox Coverage from Tampa, FL event https://youtu.be/ObXhszkidbg[1]

ABC Detroit, MI event https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ndWdIjtcyMU[2]

Spectrum News from Orlando, FL event https://twitter.com/passs386/status/1301299523331870720?s=12[3]



We invite you to come and meet some of these hard-working people, their families and kids who are directly affected.


Passing S.386 is our last hope, please enable us your goodwill in enabling us justice, with your esteemed media coverage.

Thank you and look forward for your support.

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