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IMMIGRATION AND NATIONALITY LAW (U.S. AND CANADA) – Skilled Professional Workers and Family immigration, Waivers, removal, nonimmigrant, immigrant:

The world has become and it continues to become a more global marketplace. With the fluidity of migration, companies continue to seek top talent from around the world to stay ahead of their competitors. Countries around the world continue to write their immigration laws to attract the “best and the brightest” workers.

We are engaged in a struggle to attract the best and the brightest to add value to our Nation’s economic infrastructure and to assure future stability of our financial markets. At NPZ Law Group, P.C., we assist organizations of all sizes to be a part of this success story.

To schedule a consultation, please feel free to contact NPZ Law Group, P.C., by e-mail or call 201-670-0006 (x100).

From our numerous office locations, NPZ Law Group, P.C., concentrates on working with Fortune 500 companies, academic and non-academic organizations, universities, for-profit and not-for-profit clients to help them acquire the highly-skilled foreign national professional workers they need. Our immigration attorneys are accomplished at helping professionals relocate throughout the world.

NPZ Law Group: Global Immigration Attorneys
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Immigration Attorney David Nachman has been recognized as a New Jersey Super Lawyer for three years running and he is listed in the International Who’s Who among the Best Corporate and Business Immigration Lawyers in the World. Mr. Nachman was also named by the New Jersey Law Journal as one of the top “40 under 40” Attorneys in the State of New Jersey. Mr. Nachman holds a Master’s of Business Administration Degree and has been practicing Business and Corporate Immigration Law for well over a decade and a half.

Attorney Michael Phulwani has been practicing Immigration and Nationality Law over 35 years. He is a frequent lecturer on Immigration and visa matters nationwide in the U.S. and India. He has written numerous articles on Immigration in India ethnic papers and co-hosts a regular TV Program together with Attorney David Nachman, telecasted nationwide in the U.S.

Dedicated to Supporting Employers and Employees

Since 1993, our attorneys have provided comprehensive immigration legal support to employers and employees. We work to clearly explain complex immigration law processes to employers and to employees throughout the U.S. and, more recently, to business managers and employees throughout the world.

Our lawyers have been known to travel to clients’ offices to conduct onsite Business Immigration Law Training and to assist employers and employees and to understand such complex immigration law issues as the PERM process, the manner in which to sponsor outstanding research professionals for permanent residence or “green cards”, employment verification and I-9 Form compliance, and prevailing wage and public access file compliance in connection with the H-1B nonimmigrant visa.

After employees obtain work visas or work permits in the U.S., we provide them with additional practical assistance with regard to their relocation. We offer services to help them obtain a driver’s license, personal and/or automobile insurance and with such other requests as settling their children in the local school system or with regard to ways to quickly integrate family members into the local communities.

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